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The State Medical University (NSMU) in Arkhangelsk was founded in 1932 and reorganized in 2000. It is the university centre for most of NW Russia; Arkhangelsk oblast, Volgoda oblast, Murmansk oblast, Nenets okrug, Komi republic and Karelia republic. We have the agreement with 6 governors of North – West Russia.
Nowadays about 5500 (8000 with PG) students study at the faculties. University buildings and clinics are provided with up-to-date equipment: computers, films and video aids, and other modern appliances. There are 55 departments, 27 of them are clinical based in the best clinics of the city.
NSMU have the educational and scientific contacts and student exchanges with universities of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland), Central and Eastern Europe (Germany and Poland). From 1992 in the NSMU, foreign citizens are educated. First foreign students were citizens of India, Syria and Pakistan. Now, about 100 students from 17 foreign countries study in the NSMU. Before entering the University, these students complete the course of Russian and special subjects at the Preparatory Department. From 1992 till 2005, more than 250 persons graduated from the Preparatory Department. 95% of its graduates have entered the NSMU. English Medium is also available.
All our graduates apply their knowledge and skills acquired at the University in the field of healthcare. All the NSMU graduates pass different certification exams when applying for jobs at clinical establishments of any country of the world – from Europe to Australia. Now more than 100 graduates are working abroad, 15 have defended the PhD in foreign universities and scientific centres (Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Finland).We are proud of our former medical students working in many clinics all around the world. At present our scientists including the young ones collaborate with leading experts from the European Universities and clinics as equals, take part in the international scientific projects, and they are among the experts of the World Health Organization.

MBBS Program

During clinical studies, foreign citizens that have graduated from the NSMU and from other higher educational institutions of Russia receive certificates of specialists in different fields of medicine. The University is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization), ECFMG (USA), Medical Council of India (as per MCI Rules). NSMU is member of AMSE (Association of Medical Schools of Europe). After passing degree from NSMU students are eligible for USMLE (USA) or PLUB (UK) Exams.

Duration: 5.8 Years

  • Library
  • Computer Centre
  • Accommodation
  • Internet Facility
  • Clinical Base
  • NSMU Museum
  • Students’ Polyclinic, University Clinic
  • NSMU Sports and Wellness Centre